Jamf – The role of IT and HR in the digital employee experience

It’s hardly surprising that during their digital transformation process businesses are focused on the technology: the hardware, the software, the applications, yet the most important factor in achieving business change is the employee and their digital experience, which can get overlooked.

Digital transformation is as much about cultural change as it is about technological transition; defined by technology, but also by the ease with which employees can use it to do a great job, in the working style of their choice. An employee experience (EX) that doesn’t match employee expectations will have them heading for the door.

Where does responsibility for creating a culture that delivers a great EX lie, with IT or HR? The consensus among employees, CIOs, and CHROs alike it that it’s both, which makes sense. The focus for IT is tools and technology, and for HR it’s people and processes. Digital EX sits at the juncture of the two. Closer collaboration between the IT and HR decisionmakers can drive the cultural shift needed to adopt the digital strategies that deliver a great EX, with the help of some innovative tech solutions.

What today’s employees want is workplace technology that mirrors that of their personal lives; smart devices, easy access to data and the opportunity to connect and collaborate from anywhere. One of the main factors known to be critical to digital EX is the ability to access the apps and information employees need to effectively plan, collaborate and execute, from their first day on the job.

Partnering with a mobile device management (MDM) provider can help a company’s IT function deliver this vital element of EX by ensuring employees have their hardware of choice and a zero-touch deployment process, where they simply unbox and power on to receive instant access to all the resources they need. MDM systems give individuals greater control over their workplace tech, and can lead to a 60% reduction in productivity loss for the end user.

When companies are scaling, maintaining that focus on digital EX can be challenging, as IT departments become overburdened with tasks such as password resets, and software rollouts. MDM helps IT and HR maintain a digital EX that ensures high levels of employee engagement, motivation, and productivity as the business expands.

Great EX results from a culture that puts employees first, and from a tech point of view, provides them with the apps, devices, and workstyles they need to excel at their job and contribute to the success of the business.