Four Concerns that Local Councils Need to Address in 2020

T-Impact are one of the leading providers for robotic process automation in the public sector and have already engaged a number of Local Authorities across Britain to facilitate their digital transformation experiences.

In this blog, Keith Stagner, CEO of T-Impact explores the key issues underpinning Local Council strategy, and how automation and RPA can provide a solution which benefits staff, management and taxpayers. 

The Public Sector has been tested in recent years with crippling changes to operating budgets and political meddling. Staff have found themselves working increasingly harder for minimal rewards, and senior management are repeatedly forced into difficult choices, which negatively affect their taxpayers. As part of our research this year, we’ve established seven concerns in the Public Sector which need to be resolved in 2020 and beyond to ensure that Local Councils and associated services can continue to provide high-quality services to their constituents. 

Budget Cuts

In recent years of austerity, the entire country has felt the squeeze of purse strings tightening, and Council Services have been affected more than most. Although staff are still working as hard as ever, increasing backlogs of work are forming. Despite their passion and commitment to their roles, council staff are finding themselves increasingly stretched and the decreases show no sign of stopping.

Technology, such as robotic process automation (RPA) is able to eliminate backlogs by deploying solutions which work twenty-four-seven, without stopping, clearing away tasks and following strict sets of rules to ensure total accuracy and compliance. Your staff can be freed from tedious administrative issues to focus on empowering, positive tasks in your department, safe in the knowledge your RPA solution is managing everything else. 

The Increasing Needs for Adult Care

With the life expectancy in the UK increasing on a near-yearly basis and personal welfare becoming a key aspect in people’s lives, councils are facing a new challenge. Elderly and retired residents are quickly becoming a prominent group locally, and this brings an entirely new demographic of taxpayers to appease. 

Many Local Councils have created plans to address this new phenomenon, but the best-laid plans, including assisted living, adult-care staff training, and greater numbers of social housing properties all require a budget. Senior management teams are unable to approve these plans because their staff are busy dealing with the administrative aspects of adult social care. 

T-Impact have already worked with one council who were suffering from this issue to create a fully automated adult social care solution meaning their staff were able to focus on higher-value tasks. 

Increasingly Expectant Taxpayers

Technology like smartphones, laptops, tablets and internet-of-things (IOT) compatible devices are now present in nearly every household. People no longer want a one-size-fits-all approach for anything, and Local Councils need to be prepared to adapt their services to be easily accessible and tailored to individual needs. 

From Housing Benefit applications to Council Tax payments, people want access to information on twenty-four-seven basis and the Public Sector needs to have digital solutions such as artificial intelligence and RPA to help respond to these requests. 

T-Impact are always keen to help any Local Council that wants to explore how they can make services more accessible and more positive for their constituents and we’ll be dealing with some of our success stories in our seminar session.

Technological Changes

T-Impact have spoken to councils across the country and we know how important digital transformation is to many organisations. However, it is getting the commitment, funding and time needed which often holds back Councils. 

We welcome any chance to speak to senior management members of any Local Council to establish the current infrastructure of your IT system and demonstrate to you how our different automation solutions can help improve your offering, in terms of back-end operations and frontline services. We can also put you in touch with other councils that have already explored digital transformation opportunities, so they can explain the positive benefits of RPA first-hand. 

We’ve mapped out the challenges for Local Councils – what about the solutions to these issues? Join us for our exclusive Seminar session at PSEICT 2019 where we’ll be revealing the Robotics and AI Use Case that will transform the Public Sector in 2020. 

With cutting-edge insight, information and key takeaways that cannot be missed, our seminar is essential for any Senior Management member who wants their council to embrace the full benefits of digital transformation.