Tips to Protect Your Backups and Maintain Your ‘Always On’ World

When peak business periods take over, standard customer service practices run the risk of falling by the way-side. Part of our job at Veeam is to ensure that businesses stay up and running in this ‘always on’ world while keeping our customer service standards in place.

Michael Cade, Senior Global Technologist, Veeam shares some tips for businesses to use in order to ensure that they are meeting their customer expectations and delivering top-notch service.

Proactivity is crucial

The threats of software bugs and cybercriminals don’t go away just because security has become less of a top item on the priority list. According to the 2019 Veeam Cloud Data Management Report, application downtime costs organizations a total of $20 million each year in lost revenue and productivity. So, during peak times, make sure that your business is investing in strong and reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions to proactively protect your data. For example, to help ensure this level of data security, Veeam offers end-to-end encryption to keep data secure and compliant.

Lighten the load on employees- look into AI

Businesses are more successful when employees are given the space to focus on the most important tasks. Optimising the workload for employees means that individuals can focus on the key actions needed to meet customer demands and improve their business. In companies where Veeam has partnered with the IT team to reduce the time spent on backups from half a day to ten minutes, the IT team is able to free up time to spend on adding greater resilience and reliability to other areas of the infrastructure. The companies are also able to see a significant result of cost reduction.

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning has the potential to change the way businesses work and lighten their overall workload. A company’s resource management is improved by freeing up IT resources to focus on resilience and reliability. Companies with more manpower to invest back into their company find that they are able to make their business more protected, innovative, and cost effective. Veeam research highlights this, with 81% of businesses already have or are planning to deploy AI in the next 12 months

Data is key for productivity

An increase in workload can be challenging but it should not result in unforeseen consequences. When a company is able to analyze data it allows businesses to manage resources and more effectively plan for employee absences. Businesses should consider encouraging all departments to extend their IT ability. By becoming more data-driven, businesses are able to ensure that productivity remains consistent even during these crunch periods. 91% of business leaders see employees taking the time to improve their digital skills as something that is vital to their success.

Always backup

While there might be crunch periods, teams shouldn’t have any major issues if proper plans have been put into place — even if they have a reduced workforce. But a team that doesn’t back up their data is putting themselves at major risk. Not just in the case of an understaffed team or a crash, but at all times. A progressive business takes their backup seriously — having a Cloud Data Management strategy which includes automated backup solutions is crucial to the success of the company. It also creates a peace of mind that allows employees to focus on the important tasks.

Ensuring that digital infrastructure is always accessible, active and backed up is a necessity, all-year-round, 24/7/365. Backup is something businesses can’t afford to neglect, especially as data-driven decision making is becoming a more essential part of business operations across a variety of sectors.

By using Veeam, teams are able to reduce the time spent on backups from five days a week to two days a week. Annually, this equates to an extra 156 working days and over £12,000 saved in labour costs which have now been freed up and can be spent on other digital initiatives to enhance citizen engagement. Now team members who spent all day on backups are available to support with the roll out of the virtual infrastructure. When a company has its backup safely handled, the employees are able to become more engaged in other aspects of the company and add to the overall resources of the business.