Building a technology team for a successful business

When producing a successful IT strategy for your business, there is only so much that your products, services and vendors can do. If you don’t have the right team to evolve your business, your IT strategy may not get off the ground.

Unfortunately, the growing skills gap in IT is making it harder for CIOs to build a successful IT department. What’s more, for those who can fill the vacancies, the 2018 CIO Gartner agenda reports that the delivery of digital transformation is hindered by the challenges around culture and people. Here is how you can overcome these challenges and build the best technology team.

Embrace new technology

No business can be an early adopter of all emerging technology. In truth, it makes good business sense to be sceptical and research any latest technology before you jump on the bandwagon. However, this does not mean to say you should overlook each trend you come across. You and your team should discuss any potential technologies that you think may benefit the business and the value it could bring to the organisation.

Back when we were first introduced to the world of cloud computing, many businesses were hesitant to take on the technology due to security concerns. It’s great to be cautious of emerging technologies, but there are many new developments that can truly benefit the security and efficiency of your organisation.

Educate your current team

According to data from 2019 CIO 100, 77 per cent of CIOs are struggling to find people with the necessary skills for driving transformation. This has left CIOs looking for new ways to find the most suitable candidates for the tasks at hand. Many are turning to IT apprenticeships or upskilling their current team to meet the necessary skills for a successful business.

The belief is that it is easier to educate your current scheme with new technologies as opposed to recruiting new people who already have the skills but are yet to learn about the way your organisation works, and the data involved.

Educating your current team needn’t cost you the earth. The internet is packed with affordable, or even free, online courses and certifications that will allow your employees to add to their pre-existing skillset. Not only will this be a great benefit to your business, but your employees will likely feel valued by the business and want to stick around for longer.

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