How to Improve Cybersecurity Posture

Don’t anticipate the cyber threat ecosystem to get safer anytime soon. Whether you look at the known or emerging threats – the recent Drupal REST API Remote Code Execution or Jenkins Plugins Remote Code Execution to name a few – the cyber threat landscape isn’t becoming more optimistic.

We believe, that the only way this is going to improve, is for organisation to change the way they approach cybersecurity. Here are some thoughts around cybersecurity and how organisations can improve their cybersecurity postures:

Be proactive

To get a better handle on how cyber criminals work, companies must have a proactive cybersecurity posture. They can’t afford to reactively fix data leaks or patch vulnerabilities. Monitoring for suspicious activity and identification of cyber threats before they become advanced is vital. Proactive security monitoring and threat detection allow organisations to respond to cyber threats. For a proactive defense to work, business can’t just wait until the damage is done and they’re forced to react.

Understand your attack surface, and your requirements

IT security solution that can protect every organisation doesn’t exist. Companies should analyse their IT security posture in order to establish their gaps. Before you delve into the depths of detailed system and application auditing, pen tests and more it’s important to establish what kind of IT security model you want your business to follow. Every business within every industry is unique; this means the cybersecurity solution which they need will have to be integrated – made up of multiple elements that, when combined together, provide an outcome. Your first step should be to identify where business priorities will influence decision making for IT security. This will be defined by a
variety of factors, including engagement with web applications (the most likely cyber-attack target),
and where data security is a priority versus availability of applications, amongst other

Use the right tools for the rights jobs

Defense in depth is very important, but so is integration. When new cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities are discovered, your experts should know how to use each of the tools for cyber threat detection. All these tools play their part, but without an integrated view on the content and IT security expertise you won’t get the value, as they will work against each other. This is how good security services providers should work. It feels like businesses are getting lost in the features and promised benefits of tools. Don’t go looking for silver bullets, focus rather on the right tools for the right jobs.

Can you do it on your own?

Consider external security services. Businesses must ensure that, like their data and workloads, their people resources occupy the most adequate roles. Internal IT expertise shouldn’t be diminished by ongoing security management when these professionals are better suited to drive innovation and elevate customer satisfaction. Organisations must pose a question – are their resources in the ‘best execution venue’ for their skills?

Working with a security partner can help to reduce resourcing gridlocks and appropriately engage the internal talent pool. If you would like to learn more about our simplified, integrated cybersecurity solutions please get in touch, request a meeting or come and say hello at the Enterprise Cloud Computing event on 8th May.

Published by Alert Logic