Cumulus NetQ Reinvented

When it comes to visibility into the health of your network, telemetry is all the rage these days. Even so, many customers are still ploughing through old SNMP and Flow data to try to piece together what went wrong in their network with no easy way to back the clock up to a time before something broke your spine or leaf! Network downtime is usually costly and for many customers, large and small, can be mission critical.

With these and many other reasons in mind, I’m really excited to introduce Cumulus NetQ. With NetQ, Cumulus Networks has reinvented, from the ground up, our original NetQ product to include a long list of very useful features that are sure to make NetQ a Network Operators best friend.

NetQ is a highly-scalable, modern network operations toolset that provides visibility into and troubleshooting of your overlay and underlay networks in real-time. NetQ, delivers actionable insights and operational intelligence about the health of your network and your Linux-based data center — from the container, virtual machine, or host, all the way to the switch and port. In short, NetQ provides holistic, real-time intelligence about your modern network.

So, what is unique about NetQ you ask! Well, since you asked, NetQ has been completely reimagined with some very unique features and advantages.

NetQ performs 3 primary functions:

  • Data Collection: real-time and historical telemetry and network state information
  • Data Analytics: deep processing of the data
  • Data Visualization: rich Graphical User Interface (GUI) for actionable insight

You are sure to love the new GUI to help visualize everything that is happening in your network and beyond. It’s a single tool to manage everything Linux in your data center and provides seamless integration with third-party software such as Splunk, PagerDuty, Slack and others. But that’s not all! NetQ also drastically simplifies your ability to scale Cumulus Linux and streamline your container operations. Finally, NetQ can collect and save up to 90 days of real-time telemetry data, alert you immediately if something breaks or is misconfigured, tell you exactly where to find it, and then let you roll back to a previous version to avoid any downtime. Everything you need in a “modern” network.

Under the covers, NetQ is a Cloud-based, microservices architecture with some obvious advantages that you can read all about in the links below. NetQ agents collect real-time telemetry data to then provide deep analytics for things like predictive troubleshooting with no performance impact to your switches or routers. In addition, it delivers web-scale levels of scalability that parallel the largest of tier 1 web-scale companies, in case you need it, and will soon offer a full set of Lifecycle management features and capabilities (coming soon).

You’ll find a full set of collateral, videos, web pages and a press release here but don’t take my word for it, I would suggest you try NetQ for yourself by taking a test drive.

Published by Paul Sweeney for Cumulus