Digital Transformation Gives Rise to 3rd Party Vendor Vulnerabilities

3rd party vendor relationships present plenty of opportunities for cybercriminals

Digital transformation is imperative for any business striving to deliver value to customers and remain relevant in fiercely competitive landscapes. Whether moving an existing infrastructure to a cloud platform or incorporating IoT devices and analytics into business models, these technologies enable organisations to increase efficiency, lower costs, and create new customer offerings that drive growth. While digital transformation allows companies to innovate, new vulnerabilities are formed, posing increased exposure to a business’s most essential commodity — data!

Attacks on a company’s data are reaching epic proportions. Just pick up a newspaper or browse the latest social media sites and you’ll see that businesses big and small face high-profile data breaches. These events are making their way to executive boardrooms, with cybersecurity considerations increasingly playing a strategic role in business. As companies evaluate the ramifications a breach can have on their brand, reputation, and bottom line, IT security professionals are working at a rapid pace to discover the source of these attacks.

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This article was originally published by Prevalent Inc.