by Jason Foster

Data is the most valuable resource for businesses in the modern world. This much should be clear, but how do you reap the benefits? That’s where data analytics comes in. This is the process of studying great amounts of data to uncover valuable hidden insights and patterns within this data. It’s now easier than ever to examine vast quantities of raw data in record time, thanks to increasingly advanced technology (and AI of course!).

With data analytics, you gain a valuable tool that can mould your business strategy (and your data strategy) into shape, and track its progress and delivery throughout.

It’s not just about big data

Big data has quickly become a buzzword, and we don’t really think it’s relevant anymore. It’s just data. Big data has got so big, in so many organisations, that calling it big ignores what’s so special about it. It’s what you do with your data that counts. Fortunately, technology has kept pace with the explosion of data in recent years. This means that it’s possible to process and analyse data using modern tools (such as Hadoop and Spark) with far greater efficiency than even just a few years ago.

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