by Jason Foster

Digital transformation pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’s using digital technology to change how you handle your customer touchpoints, internal processes, business’ information, and other activities essential to running your business. However, while this might sound simple, there are several pitfalls to watch out for when starting out on a digital transformation programme in your company.

Before considering these pitfalls, you might be wondering why your organisation should undergo digital transformation. A lot of other companies are doing it, but why? Well, with 42% of CEO’s in the UK already digitally transforming their organisations, 56% have already seeing positive results and improved profits.

Digital transformation drives efficiency

Digitally transforming your organisation can encourage massive growth in productivity, efficiency, and ultimately profit. It can allow your organisation to swiftly adjust to changing markets and pressure from competitors. Likewise, it helps all your processes run more efficiently, which means people can spend time working on the stuff that matters, instead of scrambling for misplaced documents. Plus, this also means happier employees!

Moreover, your customers spend a hell of a lot of time online, so your organisation needs be equally active in this environment. If your online experience is also seamless across all customer touchpoints, your customers will be happier, and digital transformation helps engineer this progress.

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Article first published on cynozure.co.uk