The Importance of Employee Buy-In for Digital Transformation

By Laraine Geddes

In an article published in Information Age, Neil Harvey, CTO at Kirona, discusses the vital role of internal comms to motivate workforces and drive successful digital transformation projects.

Digital transformation. It’s a business buzz phrase of the moment – and rightly so. Broadly referring to the replacement of manual processes with digital and automated ones or the integration of technology-driven processes and approaches across an organisation, it can be the driving force behind greater efficiency, innovation and competitiveness.

Indeed, in an increasingly connected world, where the ever-growing IoT is influencing organisations in almost every sector, and the flexibility and agility benefits of the cloud are available to even the smallest businesses, digital transformation is arguably something that all organisations need to embrace in order to avoid being left behind.

Clearly, this is in part a technological challenge. Digital transformation depends on deploying – well – digital technology.

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