Reducing the burden of inspections for farmers

By Laraine Geddes

Defra is taking the lead to harness field service management technology with an aim to improve the job of the farm inspector while simultaneously making life easier for farmers and delivering efficiencies that ultimately benefit  the taxpayer.

The Farm Inspection and Regulation Review interim report, published in July 2018, highlighted how British farmers experience regulation, most directly through single purpose inspections. Farmers generally find these a burden, with what can appear to be sporadic inspections from local authorities, government agencies and other inspections for farm assurance schemes.

What’s more, in 2012, the National Audit Office estimated that during 201112, nine separate government bodies made at least 114,000 inspections to English farms! Over half of these were to carry out disease surveillance and testing (at a cost of £28 million) and 30% were to check for farmers’ compliance (at a cost of £19 million). The total cost in 2011-12 was £47 million.

So, how can digital technology help make these inspections more efficient and less of a burden for farmers?

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