Securing The Future

business and technology

FCO Services is a main sponsor and exhibitor at the Central Government Business & Technology (CGBT) Conference being held in London this week.

CGBT is a key event for Central Government Departments, Executive Agencies, Non-Departmental Public Bodies and others looking to stay up-to-date with the latest industry drivers, technology trends and policies.

Why have we chosen to sponsor and exhibit at this particular event?

Essentially, our unique blend of civil service insight combined with commercial expertise, makes us the ideal UK Government solution for UK Government challenges in the secure digital technology field. We understand you and your requirements, we understand government and we recognise your need for accurate pricing and value for money.

CGBT is the ideal platform to present ourselves as the In-Government partner for secure digital services and demonstrate our support of the UK Government’s digital strategy.

So who are we?

FCO Services is part of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Our highly-skilled staff keep people, property, information and assets safe through the provision of secure services to the FCO, across government and to public sector bodies, friendly foreign governments and international organisations closely linked to the UK.

Our staff operate and deliver worldwide in more than 250 embassies, high commissions and other critical government facilities across 168 countries, delivering local knowledge on a global scale.

We design, build and maintain highly-secure government facilities, including diplomatic and military premises, servicing their security, property, digital and logistics needs anywhere in the world.

Our digital offer includes secure cloud technology and hosting, communications and monitoring, traditional IT, cyber security and bespoke services. We are also the UK National Authority for Counter Eavesdropping (UK NACE), helping protect UK assets from physical, electronic and cyber-attack.

How can we help visitors to CGBT?

Our Global Digital Technology group delivers secure Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) services that support the implementation of the UK government’s digital strategy and enable our government customers to communicate and collaborate securely anywhere in the world.

Delivering to more than 80 customers, across national and local government, law enforcement and public sector globally, we shape government thinking and next generation solutions that use smart technology, whilst looking ahead to government business of the future.

And, as physical, electronic and cyber-attacks become ever more sophisticated, we manage the risk of hostile threats and provide protection assurance, supplying technology that safeguards our customers’ data.

As a Government department, we have a deep understanding of the issues and challenges faced by other Government organisations, and the need to include the latest digital technologies and processes in organisational strategies. While ensuring robust levels of security is a given, in some cases the protection of information to higher levels is mission critical.

Our expertise in working in often hostile, challenging and difficult locations and in protecting government assets to high security levels means that the security of UK interests is built into everything we do.

Customer satisfaction

One customer who understands the benefits of a trusted, in-government partner is Lai-Ming Siu, Head of Casework and Change Delivery at UK Visas and Immigration.

Speaking at the conference, Lai-Ming will illustrate the benefits of FCO Services and UK Visas and Immigration’s (UKVI) ten years of collaborative partnership.  FCO Services is the key supplier and enabler for the majority of UKVI’s current IT systems, providing a 24/7 service which supports 1816 UKVI caseworkers around the world in processing 3.5m visa applications each year.

In order to deliver new products or changes to services UKVI will collaborate with FCO Services to develop and deliver IT transformation projects on the existing technology platform.

Anita Smith
Corporate Communications Manager
FCO Services