How is your “digital” transforming?

Digital transformation is undoubtedly a hot topics of the moment; if you weren’t already aware, you wouldn’t have stopped to read. And yet, alarmingly, not only do 70% of digital transformation projects fail1, that failure rate, and the issues with which it is associated, are driving organisations like yours to repatriate applications from public cloud to private cloud so they control the destiny and security of their data. The rate of repatriation currently stands at around 50%2. A public cloud-only strategy presents application performance risks, the possibility of data loss, as well as compliance and legal jeopardy.

Public cloud is popular primarily because all it takes is a credit card to subscribe and rid yourself of infrastructure management headaches, but do you really want to trust someone else with total control of all of your data? Do you really want to trust anytime-anywhere application and data availability, performance, security to a public cloud provider?

Sure, public cloud offers flexibility and agility with a pay-as-you-go model, but so can the right private cloud platform, without the shadow IT consumption and spiraling costs. Last year every major public cloud provider and one very well-known social media service had at least one major outage resulting in billions of dollars in lost productivity and revenue.

Likewise, we understand the benefits of a legacy on-premise virtual and hyper-converged infrastructure: control, performance, security and data sovereignty. Again, benefits that are not unique to those solutions. Then there are the pains – rigid scaling models that force the expansion of compute and storage when it isn’t necessary. Then there is the complexity of implementation, deployment and management. Then pile on the hypervisor tax, the extra overhead, the inability to scale on demand and the spiraling cost of it all.

So, what of the opportunity to combine all the above benefits in an all-in-one, turn-key solution with a predictable cost model, unlimited scalability and an expansion paradigm that is granular enough to meet the needs of any organisation? Composable Cloud, or as Gartner and IDC refer to it – Disaggregated Infrastructure3 – delivered uniquely by Cloudistics – enables you to deliver private cloud with a premium experience, on-premise or via a co-located site or hosting partner, meeting the business needs of your organisation without the downsides associated with historical solutions. Applications are brought online in minutes, not hours or days. Compute, network and storage needs are all independently scalable to suit the demands of the organisation yet also managed and monitored through a single web-based interface. Costs are predictable rather than on a usage basis and all of it is wrapped up in a single platform that not only provides one point of contact for support, but also ensures that all aspects of security are managed in-line with the wider organisation’s security mandate. Even patching and firmware updates are taken care of so your teams can focus on more productive and business-oriented activities.

Cloudistics was founded in 2013 on the idea of bringing the desired benefits of the public cloud and the ease of use and simplicity behind the firewall. We introduced the first “Customer-Inspired Cloud” in 2016 based on our experience and disappointment with an all-public cloud strategy, the complexities of DIY private cloud science projects and the maze of virtualization licenses and management tools. It is the same journey thousands of customers just like you can relate to: the need to be more agile, to scale and grow based on business needs, while maintaining data sovereignty and predictable cost controls.

For more information on how you can become the digital transformation hero in your organization come and find us at ECC and let us help solve your problems.