The Identity Hub

The Identity Hub is a service platform developed by U2U Consult that facilitates mobile and web app developers to quickly setup and integrate with a unified identity system that sup-ports all major account providers (Microsoft account, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Active Directory and other organizational accounts, Office 365 and more). Many organizations have extensive member or customer databases, but don’t know how to leverage them to build modern user experiences. Using the Identity Hub, those databases can be exposed to mobile applications and used to secure modern web apps, with minimal effort.

Writing modern, secure, identity enabled apps used to be a non-trivial undertaking. Customers demand or assume modern mobile apps allow them to logon using their preferred account provider. Even trying to support only a few of the most important account providers, quickly becomes a nightmare for the developers, who have to use and maintain a number of different SDK’s and protocols.

The Identity Hub takes away that burden. Using The Identity Hub, developers of mobile and other apps can focus on developing the app using only one identity model and API, how the user authenticates is no longer a problem.

To increase application security, The Identity Hub can augment the authentication done by the account provider with two-factor authentication. Using this system, account providers with relatively weak authentication mechanisms, including legacy account providers, can be strengthened considerably without development cost.

The Identity Hub provides a uniform identity management API to modern app developers, independent of the account providers, underlying protocols and authentication methods. It supports all major client platforms, can be hosted on-premises, or used as a service running in Windows Azure.

The Identity Hub public SaaS platform ( is actively maintained.

Here are some recent highlights:

  • The ability for an administrator to provision users using the built-in UserName/Password Account Provider.
  • An overview of protocol endpoints has been added to the administrative user interface.
  • The ability to view the list of users having a role.
  • OpenId supports fully Code Flow and Implicit Flow.
  • Filter user list (for administrators) based on Account Provider (SAMLP, Google…)
  • The possibility to lookup for additional claims provided by external systems.
  • The ability to deny access to an app if a claim (user info) for the user is not available.
  • Importing users for SAMLP Account Provider.
  • Role Mapping for Office 365 Account Provider.
  • Certificate Rollover for SAMLP Account Provider.

Large organizations also chose The Identity Hub as their on premise IAM solution to benefit from additional customizations and ad-hoc features specifically developed for them.

U2U Consult is convinced that the solution has the following advantages:

  • The Identity Hub is designed as an Identity Management platform using open standard protocols like SAMLP, WS-Federation and OAuth. These open standards guarantee easy interaction and integration with external partners, (user) repositories and account providers.
  • Corporate user accounts and other user accounts are clearly separated. An organization can rely on its Active Directory to manage its own users, but does not have to open up its Active Directory infrastructure to include information about users not belonging to the Organization.
  • The Identity Hub is modular and built with extensibility in mind. This allows for easy localization, development of specific proprietary interfaces with account providers, and user interface customizations. All without impact on the possibility to upgrade to newer versions of The Identity Hub.
  • The Identity Hub is built using agile SCRUM methodology. Therefore, and thanks to feature driven development, U2U Consult can rapidly develop and release new The Identity Hub features.
  • The Identity Hub has a broad set of supported SDK’s and demo with source code based on its published API to allow any kind of application to use The Identity Hub. Many of these have been made by community members, where U2U Consult has done quality and security review before publishing them. Such SDK’s and demo are available for ASP.NET/MVC, JavaScript, AngularJS, Windows Desktop, Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.x, Windows 10, Java, SharePoint, SAP, Microsoft Navision NAV & AX, PHP, … .
  • The Identity Hub has a broad set of supported Account Providers standard included in the dashboard of Organization’s tenants reach. Amongst them: Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Account, Belgian eID, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, PayPal, WS-Federation, MS Office 365. U2U Consult is always eager to add those requested by the Organization.
  • The Identity Hub, a leading identity & access management portal is a developer add-on in the Microsoft Azure Store itself.
  • The Identity Hub on the Microsoft Azure platform of U2U Consult and on the on-premises platforms of clients runs very smoothly with extremely low number of support incidents reported. It is hence a reliable solution with low support cost.

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