The Future of the Customer Experience Journey: Blending Marketing Analytics, Data and AI

By Julia Main

The landscape of customer experience from an IT perspective is changing dramatically and in a rapid
fashion. At our upcoming Big Data Analytics conference in November 2018, we look at the future
possible combinations of AI being incorporated into the customer journey, the benefits of this brand
new innovation and also the common pitfalls of implementing AI too quickly or not having the right
IT infrastructure in place for it to be applied to.

It is estimated that by 2019, 40% of Digital Transformation Initiatives Will Be Supported by
Cognitive/AI Capabilities, Providing Timely Critical Insights for New Operating and Monetization
Models” IDC Predicts.

Revolutionising your Customers Experience with AI and Giving your Business a Competitive Advantage

The significant rise in Chatbot implementation for customer inquiry management throughout
enterprises have seen vast improvements in time management and cost-effectiveness for businesses,
as well as driving customer engagement. It can also send personalised feedback and automate
routine enquiries. However if not correctly implemented with the right architecture or left
ungoverned, AI can have negative impacts both on business processes and customer services such as
causing customer frustration, or not having the ability to asses and send the right solution to the

Utilising a hybrid approach with both human and Chabot interaction has shown
increasingly positive results, for example using front-end bots to handle initial queries and for more
complex queries allow a human customer services representative to handle the case. AI can be
invaluable to human service representatives, they can assist with developing initial responses
and also finding relevant content and answers to provide to the customer service agent. This
has been found to have a domino effect on services such as decreased calling waiting times,
increased agent productivity and providing a quicker more well-rounded response.

Using AI to Optimise Analytical Insights and Consumer Marketing Strategy

In terms of data and analytical insight for marketers, AI can be an excellent tool to utilise for
customer analytics and enable businesses to access this information in a quicker time frame. aAs AI
has progressed we are finding that it can collect more contextual data and target specific audiences
in the case of advertising strategies. For example with the rise in social media usage and the forming
of digital identities often marketers are using low-cost ad clicks on social media sites such as Twitter
and Facebook. AI can help by placing adverts for businesses in suitable online contexts geared
specifically to their target audience for example by using their recent purchase history or location. AI
is already enabling merchants to better analyse and asses purchasing behaviours and patterns,
therefore allowing the brand to become a step ahead of consumer demands, simultaneously while
building trust between the brand and customers.

Where is AI in the customer service journey today?

Due to contextual analytics and emotive responses AI is bursting with potential while many
enterprises have already incorporated techniques such as Chatbots into their customer service
processes, it must not be forgotten that IT systems and infrastructures must be continually updated
in response to this groundbreaking technology. The possibilities for AI-powered solutions are
endless. While AI remains reactive it could soon become proactive and
able to meet far more complex needs and criteria by utilising the full circle of data from
customers’ experiences.

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