Big Data Analytics June 2018 Conference Summary

Whitehall Media are pleased to have hosted their most successful Big Data Analytics Event yet at the Victoria Park Plaza in London. The event saw some of the most senior level experts from the UK and Europe attend to speak on their various experiences of working with data.

Delegates came away from the day with some great learning points in particular from the expert question and answer panel sessions, in which delegates asked their burning questions and received answers which could be taken away and actioned in their own work places.

The event also featured seven in-depth, hands on seminars which offered delegates a chance to understand more about how data is moving into an analytics economy and how to build a strong foundation of data which businesses will ultimately rely on.

As the day had so much new and exciting information, we at Whitehall Media would like to give you the three biggest themes throughout the day.

How Big Data is driving innovation in all industries

There were many positive reviews from both speakers and delegates on how big data is driving innovation. Nick Barth from MicroStrategy quite clearly took Big Data back to its roots for his presentation; he made it clear that often business analytics and intelligence is usually a one way street from companies pushing out information to their audiences. But he explored the idea of how the analytical platform can utilise much more information if it flows from both directions.

Nick Barth from MicroStrategy

Later in the day Maciej Partyka from BarclayCard went into detail on how to design a digital experience programme which works best for your company using multiple sources of data. Jennifer Rouband-Smith for Dataiku gave a deep-dive on sharing and working together, with an emphasis on systemic transformation being key to large scale success.

Quality over quantity and achieving excellent data governance

“The average enterprise has increased spending on its data and analytics technology to $14M” Jarmo Rajala, ThoughtSpot.  At the beginning of the day speaker Mark Allen, discussed the importance of excellent data governance though he recognised that it can be time consuming and expensive, he was keen to exemplify his practices to create excellent data governance in line with the new GDPR regulations. Volume of data was challenged in the first session with Lyndon Hedderly, quite rightly pointing out the benefits of Time Value data often overlooked. Lyndon gave examples of real time data; the faster you get data the quicker you can respond to it therefore the more valuable it becomes. A reoccurring point from these topics was that many world leading organisations manage their data differently according to Time, Volume, Quality and Quantity; it is how their business processes, adapts and transforms to achieve better data governance by working as a team is what goes hand in hand with using and navigating around the Big Data world.

Harnessing disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Kaspar Gerling from Transferwise focused on a philosophical outlook to the future of AI. He reviewed what the future could look like sooner than we think. How will our jobs and businesses be affected by new technology and what will be the socioeconomic outcome of robotic intelligence?  The IBM seminar also looked in depth at the current challenges businesses are facing within Big Data such as weak decision making, expanding risk and cost, spiralling complexity and how this will affect businesses moving forward to climbing the ladder of AI. “Advancements in search and AI driven analytics are driving “The Third Wave of Analytics”. This statement made by Jarmo Rajala would see the elimination of the need for technical training, therefore any employee can access data quick and efficiently which certainly opens up new opportunities for any business.

Big Data Analytics UK June 2018

Whitehall Media BDA UK June 2018

The team at Whitehall Media would like to extend a huge thanks to our speakers. The over-riding take-away message from the conference was to achieve perfect collaboration to allow better navigation of future technologies, and to introduce these technologies in to the world as a team and not an individual.

A huge thanks to our sponsors, in particular our platinum sponsors Dataiku, Confluent, IBM, MicroStrategy. Also a well-deserved thank you to our chair Julian Schwarzenbach who kept the day running smoothly. Finally a thank you to all the delegates who were in attendance, we hope you learned something new to take away with you.

Did you miss our Big Data June event? You can register for our next BDA event which takes place in November, where a fresh line up of speakers from leading organisations will inject new momentum into this space, register today!

Author Julia Main, Conference Producer.