Press Release: World class enterprises find inspiration, innovative technologies and unique educational value as BDA brings a winning event to Hong Kong

Whitehall Media, organiser of leading-edge technology conference programmes in the UK and Europe are delighted to announce the launch of BDA Asia, the first exhibition in Asia focussing exclusively on Big Data and Analytics.

BDA Asia will take place on 4 June 2019 at the Conrad hotel in Hong Kong. The launch of this new event will provide the opportunity to showcase cutting edge Big Data technologies and use cases to the largest Enterprise organisations in Asia.

With a 14.5% market share, the Asia Pacific Big Data market is the third largest by revenue worldwide and is expected to maintain a dominant position through to 2020. Containing the largest and fastest growing economies in the world such as China, India, South Korea, Japan and Australia, the region will be a focal point of Big Data innovation for decades to come.

Enterprises in Asia are already finding imaginative new ways to examine and utilise the data available to them. Customer insights teams are examining how their users move through and manage their processes to provide a better overall experience. Data scientists are building complex and effective predictive models that inform better business decisions. Sectors as diverse as manufacturing and marketing are finding ingenious ways to use their data to make better services for their customers. And some enterprises are harnessing the transformative potential of Machine Learning and AI to go beyond the reaches of human understanding.

There are tremendous challenges associated with creating actionable insights in business, and only some of them are technical. By bringing together thought-leaders, senior practitioners and heads of data teams we hope that some of these challenges will be discussed, shared and overcome at BDA Asia.

Fergus Kenny, CEO of Whitehall Media, announced: “We are very excited to be exploring new business opportunities in Hong Kong, especially with the impending opening of the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge. Enterprises are already finding imaginative new ways to examine and utilise the data available to them, this is a fantastic opportunity to see how the largest enterprises are currently using and analysing their data to solve real world problems and produce tangible benefits. We’re looking forward to welcoming hundreds of professionals from across the Asia region.”

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BDA Asia, 4 June 2019 at the Conrad hotel, Hong Kong, for more information please visit

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