How ZoneFox AI and UEBA helps combating the insider threat

Meet us at ECS to find out how ZoneFox AI can support your businesses and clients to defend against insider threats

Why fight cyber threats after they’ve ravaged your business, if you can hunt them down and neutralise before the damage begins? When it comes to cybersecurity, if you snooze, you lose! Whether employees are purposely exfiltrating data, or unintentionally breaching data security policies, ZoneFox locks down the Insider Threat. How? By giving you the tools to rapidly and efficiently detect and respond to behaviours that are exposing sensitive data to risk – supported by machine learning and AI technology.

As the advantages of augmented intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity are being discussed everyday, it’s great to put heads together and establish where ZoneFox AI can support your businesses and clients to defend against threats, prepare for compliance, and help address the rise of the insider.

There’s a lot of buzz  around machine learning right now . Many, if not all new vendors, are implementing some sort of machine learning into their latest offerings. It’s a hot topic with CISOs who are currently looking for some sort of silver bullet solution to help them defend against nation states, corporate espionage, or garden variety malware. So, can machine learning really add any new value to the realm of cybersecurity? We say “yes” – and we’ll tell you why at this latest industry event. 

Using machine learning technology alongside AI, ZoneFox builds a profile of ‘normal’ user behaviour, and then alerts on any  exceptional events that don’t match the normal profile. In the case of ZoneFox, the profile-building or “training” stage is fully automated and allows the detection of anomalous behaviour just a few hours after training begins. This machine learning and AI help you ensure a  thorough and quick reaction to anomalous activity. The final step of understanding why something has happened and what to do about it is then yours.

Catch our CTO Matt Little at ECS on May 10th at 3.40pm, to get insights around the future of machine learning as the threat landscape evolves faster than we can keep up,  and what can be done to mitigate the internal threat to your business.

During this session Matt will identify why the insider threat will continue to diversify and explain how to keep up with this. Matt will also be discussing the connection between Machine Learning, behavioural analytics and why the ‘human element’ is an essential component in threat mitigation as well as giving insights into how to effectively integrate the human element into security strategies and build a truly human-behaviour focussed system.

Matt Little is Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Director at ZoneFox. After previously working in hi-tech software, consultancy and financial services sectors for almost 2 decades, Matt brings a strong innovation, strategic and managerial focus to the rapidly growing Edinburgh-based organisation.

With a strong track record in managing teams of all sizes, Matt has led the Engineering, Development and Augmented Intelligence (AI) teams at ZoneFox for the past four years and has been recognised as a leader of product innovation in Cyber Security and AI. Combining his thorough knowledge of technology and security with strong interpersonal skills, he contributed massively to ZoneFox winning the “Champion of Champions” Scottish Cyber Award in 2016, as well as leading the team to win the Silver Award at UK’s Most Innovative Information Security Companies in the same year.

1-2-1 Meetings at ECS

So come and meet Team ZoneFox at ECS to discover more about the Threat Investigation Pipeline – from identifying where your business-critical data resides, through to presenting accurate real-time reports.

Going to be there? Great! Let us know  beforehand and arrange a 1-2-1 with one of our experts and get the most out of your time on the day – it’s going to be a busy one.  If you can’t make it but would love to find out more about ZoneFox,

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