Big Data Analytics – Vote Leave for Intrusions into Data Privacy

In the light of the current FaceBook and Cambridge Analytica investigations it is a good time to consider what Entity Group calls Opportunity Vs Obligation.

We are advocates and consultants in Data Governance and all aspects of Data Management. The opportunities provided by Big Data and Analytics are enormous and we help companies cross the delta, or gap, between the data they have and the information they need. (Download our Crossing the Data Delta book for free here). This provides them with huge opportunity to make more profit; create happy customers; reduce operational costs or comply with regulation – or hopefully all of these.

We are not alone in thinking that with great opportunity comes great obligation. This obligation is from all organisations to customers; employees; partners and themselves to behave responsibly; fairly and transparently with data. Particularly personal data. The existing Data Protection Act and the upcoming GDPR are both designed specifically with these issues in mind.

The use of analytical techniques on big data is covered as part of this BBC news item on the current FaceBook/Cambridge Analytica investigation and bears careful consideration. What is incredible is just how much data we as individual consumers regularly share on social media in order to do something like a short quiz or fill in a form more quickly.

Do any of us really take the time to fully understand what we are consenting to when we do this? Probably not many of us. We place huge trust in the organisations who are collecting that data with very little thought about the potential dangers of sharing it.

Entity Group encourages everyone in the field of data management to think about how to balance opportunity and obligation and we believe that this balance is at the heart of good data governance.

If you’d like to talk to us about any aspect of data governance or data management in relation to your Big Data Analytics project then please do get in touch here.

Kate Tickner, Entity Group