Big data analytics insights from #datachangemakers

At Entity Group we have a set of blogs called #datachangemakers. It’s a series of interviews and interactions with people who have spent their careers working in or around data and data management initiatives including Big Data & Analytics.

They have a vision for the data journey and we want to understand what they have learnt and how that drives what they do today. What are their war stories and what advice can they give others embarking on the journey?

Here are some of the highlights of what our #datachangemakers have to say about Big Data and Analytics:

“Artificial Intelligence and Big Data require a data environment that will allow them to succeed. “Garbage in, Garbage out”, is still as true today as it was when I started in the industry 30 years ago”. James Wilkinson, CEO, Entity Group

“The basic concept you need to get right is how to deal with the data – how to store and manage it; and how to exploit it. This has never changed. Big data is not new and you still have to get the basics right.” Sri Kanthadai, Global Head of D&A, Capgemini

“Artificial Intelligence should be supporting people to make decisions not making the decisions for them”. Hilary Simpson, Founder, Sleuth Co-op

“I’ve never been one for trends. Whilst all these technologies are cool, I still see many companies struggling to get the basics right”. Cliff Gibson, Owner, DBR Data

“For example, our BI reports were incorrect because of data; our projects were less successful because of the data”. Aaron Butcher, Group Head of IT, Survitec Group.

You can visit our website to learn more about how we work with clients to help them derive value from their data. We think that in most organisations there is a gap between the data people have and the information they need.

We call this gap a data delta and we specialise in helping our clients to cross it based on particular, measurable business objectives. You can read more about “Crossing the Data Delta” in our free book of the same name by clicking here. 

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