GOVSEC Wins Bronze at the Conference Awards

We are still bragging! In July 2017, Whitehall Media were ever so proud when their very own GOVSEC conference won bronze in the “best free to attend” category at The Conference Awards! The judges of The Conference Awards described GOVSEC as providing “good customer feedback, innovative sonsporships”, was “a success on the day” and offered “good focus and approach to attract the hard to get SME sector”

About the Conference Awards

The Conference Awards recognise the hard work and achievements by various conference companies, event businesses and venues. From in-house teams to commercial conference organisers, the Conference Awards offers recognition and gratitude for the efforts of all areas within the industry.


The GOVSEC Conference, founded back in 2014, was formed around safe, effective and secure government functionality by looking at the use of improved IT, information and security of infrastructure. The conference, which is held throughout a full day, looks deeply into how public sector organisations and professionals can gain understanding into how they can secure their functions in an environment that is constantly changing at a fast pace. Each year, the event welcomes up to five hundred delegates from a variety of cyber and information security professionals. Discussions cover potential threat landscapes, how one can detect a threat, and what is the best practice on approaches required in order to protect critical national systems and networks. Now going onto its fifth year, the conference provides delegates with the opportunity to receive insights from keynotes and senior thought leaders, as well as security practitioners. Professionals will gain an understanding in how their organisations are affected by landscape, as well as taking on board practical knowledge about the latest tools and technologies can help businesses with their goals and objectives. They also benefit from advice on particular challenges faces in security while being kept up to date with the latest insights of InfoSec space.

A word from the CEO

Whitehall Media CEO, Waqas Hashemi, said “Our GOVSEC conference has consistently attracted high ratings from delegates owing to the importance of the subject matter for government to function safely in an interconnected world. The government routinely deters and defends against scores of cyber-attacks often targeting sensitive information held by public sector institutions. There has, in recent months, been an upswing in ransomware attacks.Our conference offers an unrivalled platform for policymakers, practitioners and those in the vendor community to network, share and find practicable solutions to real-world security challenges.”

Looking Forward

2018 welcomes the beginning for new goals that Whitehall Media aim to achieve. With an award in our hands, we are now more motivated than ever to bring to you a variety of excellent conferences and events to benefit your business.

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