The Importance of Finding Ideal Sponsors

The Importance of Finding Ideal Sponsors Sponsorship is key when putting together an event, and at Whitehall Media, we ensure that all exhibitors hold a relevancy to delegates at all conferences we put together.Simon Smith, Simon Smith is Whitehall Medias Sponsorship Sales Manager, and has a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with important sponsors

Finding sponsors who reflect the same message as our events is an important factor, so when a company applies to exhibit their products or services, we have to Fact Find. Are they working in our target area? What are they offering? Is it a new case study they wish to share with people, or are they launching a product that our target audience may be interested in?

Business to Business

Our events are very much business focused. It revolves around offering solutions to an audience of target decision makers who are looking to improve their business, so networking with delegates is imperative when you choose to exhibit at our events.

We like to ensure that all our sponsors fit into these fields; IT companies, consultants, and software/hardware providers within the security, dada, cloud, risk management and central/local government areas. As for our delegates, these come from a broad range of enterprise businesses, banking and finance, insurance, retail, manufacturing, utilities, pharma and local/central government.

On the day, we have a wonderful delivery team at hand, ready to offer help to our sponsors as they network and promote their organisation at our events, guiding them from confirming their involvement to setting up on the day, and even share out any any event information if required. Any setbacks are handled straight away as we work tirelessly with our clients to evaluate their needs and offer them the best possible service.


Return on investment is one of the main benefits gained from exhibiting at our events. We provide an environment for sponsors to network, generate contacts and sales leads, and push out promotion, marketing and branding to buyers. We also offer the opportunity of personal introduction with our delegates on the day, bringing the sponsor and audience together. Our events attract a very high calibre of delegate, most of which receive a personal invitation to ensure they have strategic responsibilities and executive power.

With the environment we develop, peers get best practice and deals can be closed on the day. We meticulously market to decision-maker delegates in order to be certain that we are attracting buyers who will give their valuable business and financial benefits to our sponsors.

The biggest issue, like most event organisers, is being prepared for a busy day, and being ready to network, promote and interact with the audience. By partaking in our events, exhibitors are offered an opportunity to connect with unique, highly qualified prospects, acquire qualified leads and generate new business. We offer solution providers the best forum to raise brand awareness amongst all the key players in the industry.

With twelve years of event experience on it’s back, Whitehall Media have received many good words from a whole range of sponsors:

“It’s been fantabulous. We had a lot of people coming and talking to us, they are in need of big data for their business and hopefully we can give them a lot of solutions.” ​HEXAWARE​, Practice Head Business Intelligence.

“It’s been really good, we’ve had a huge number of people here, some excellent conversations and been busy all day.” ​IBM​, Big Data Business Development Manager.

“Very good as always, we’ve exhibited at a number of Whitehall conferences and this is no exception. It’s been very well attended and very useful for us” ​CYLANCE​, Senior Director of Product Marketing.

If you would like to exhibit your product or service at one of our conferences, take a look at our upcoming events to see where your business would benefit from being a part of, or ​contact Whitehall Medi​a to talk about where you will find your target audience.