Are freelancers your weakest security link?

Attractive benefits, flexible working hours and multiple career opportunities define a better work-life balance, it’s therefore no wonder that the UK is seeing an increase in rates of self-employment. A predicted 40% of the country’s workforce is set to embark on the self-employment route by 2020.

In today’s working world, enterprises already face many IT security challenges without the added pressure of a mounting number of self-employed workers. So, with this in mind, protecting data, enforcing the law and educating its employed and self-employed workers is an essential part of a much wider security strategy.

Organisations should be implementing appropriate measures and controls to mitigate the risk of compromising corporate data that’s accessible externally to its freelancers whilst also considering the complex matters of network updates and device software on personal and company property.

Freelancers and employees who are engaged in the security journey will understand the importance of security and instil a culture of responsibility across the organisation.

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