Facebook ups its security with two-factor authentication

The social media powerhouse has become the latest online service to improve its login security with the introduction of Fido U2F security keys.

With an ever-increasing pressure on businesses to protect vital customer data, Facebook’s decision to upgrade from traditional password-based authentication to this two-factor method aims to defend its 1.79 billion users from hackers.

Although not obligatory, users are able to adopt this extra form of security by simply registering their U2F UBS key to their account through the standard Facebook security settings. Once registered, users are not required to repeat the procedure with each login unless their device’s cache is cleared.

The technology works to block any login attempt from another device unless both forms of authentication can be provided.

While complete online security remains the ultimate objective, it can be said that Facebook are certainly taking steps towards combatting the very real threat of cyber crime.

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