Author: Cyberseer.Net

Ransomware attacks are rising, becoming one of the most damaging threats organisations face. They lurk in ads on popular websites and shutting down hospitals. It enters a network and moves undetected from system to system using asymmetric encryption to hold a victim’s information at ransom.

The damage of becoming a ransomware victim and not having effective safeguards and prevention strategies in place is considerable. Ransomware works and offers quick riches to anonymous hackers. Any organisation, regardless of size, is a potential target.

Defend Your Organisation From Ransomware

Common methods to prevent infection include filtering e-mails that contain malicious attachments or enforcing user permissions. While blocking known attacks works to prevent a high number of infections – it is not possible to block all variants, attackers are always one step ahead.
With this limitation, it is essential to employ security solutions that are first able to detect ransomware when it lands and second provide an effective method to defend against its malicious actions.
With ransomware attacks set to continue to rise in volume in 2017 it is critical for organisations to prevent against this attack vector. Early detection enables organisations to prevent disruption to business operations and data security.

Prevent Ransomware Making Its Way Onto The Corporate Network

Using intelligent defences, Cyberseer detect anomalous behaviour and apply research-driven knowledge of ransomware file-extensions, names, etc. to determine whether anomalous activity matches the characteristics of known malware.

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