Easy- to-use Spotfire shines a light on homeless charity’s metrics

By Roman Bartik

The easy-to-use, simplicity of self-service visualisation tool, TIBCO Spotfire, has underpinned many a business transformation and is now set to work its magic for the UK homeless charity, Evolve Housing + Support.
At the recent Visual Analytics Community event, TIBCO Software joined other market-leading visual analytics vendors in the Visual Analytics Community’s annual Great British Viz-Off. As the third largest provider of homelessness support in London, the Evolve Housing & Support threw down the gauntlet for a vendor analytics solution to help it better qualify the value of services delivered and demonstrate the broader social return on the tax payers’ or donors’ investment, something which to date, had been prohibited by lack of resources.
Tasked with developing a visual analytics solution to help Evolve derive greater value from its financial data, the Spotfire application was voted as the winning solution across a range of criteria covering concept, approach, value, impact, and uniqueness, best equipped to help the charity analyse data and understand key business metrics that could then be used to raise funds with sponsors and donors.
Evolve Housing + Support provided financial data associated with its work and TIBCO Spotfire’s team developed an analysis and a model to help the charity identify the social return on investment generated by every £1 of funding received. This analysis covered core criteria such as: improved employment and housing opportunities, and reduced demand for hospitalisation and mental health support.
While other competitors did a great job showing visually compelling and engaging dashboards, Spotfire also transformed these visuals and statistics into clear graphics at the heart of the questions being asked. Furthermore, it was a simple and accessible way for non-experts at Evolve Housing + Support to understand their information and spot anomalies in performance in real time, with change and updates made easily at the push of a button.
“What the Spotfire team built was exactly what was needed—easy to understand and easy to use for analytics novices, such as the charity we were there to help,” said Evanna Kearins Taheny, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing. “But this whole event wasn’t just about having the most advanced dashboards; it was the strength of the team effort and the opportunity to raise awareness of TIBCO amongst the London data analytics community. The fact that we could do all this while supporting an incredible cause was very rewarding and fun.”
Reflecting on what gave TIBCO the edge that night, Evolve’s interim director of business development, Alice Hainsworth, said, “The TIBCO Spotfire solution proved to be the best fit for us, providing the best and most insightful presentations of our data, and a really flexible tool that we will be able to use for years to come. The TIBCO team did a fantastic job of solving our data challenge and we are very grateful for their donation of the software to us and the pro-bono support in setting it up.”