USG People Identity for branding

Close interaction with clients, organisations and customers
USG People is a specialist provider of employment services within Europe. USG People is active across five European countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. Its mission is to help people to find the job that suits them best, whilst providing its clients with quality employees. It manages this through four specialist brands: Start People, Unique, Secretary Plus and USG Professionals. Together they are responsible for employing around 90,000 people every day.

Identity at the heart of customer experience
Close interaction with its client organisations and flexworkers is essential to the organisation’s success. As such, identity management has been identified as a key component of its IT infrastructure. Whereas the majority of IT decisions are taken locally by individual operating companies, identity management is one of the few functionalities, along with email, that is provided centrally.
USG uses Identity for multi-branding
The organisation was looking for a complete end-to-end IAM infrastructure that could support its local operating companies and their individual structures, legislation, branding etc. It chose iWelcome based on its flexibility in terms of connectivity, use case scenarios and private tenant infrastructure, as well as its multi-branding capability and high security & privacy standards. Following a proof of concept, iWelcome was deployed to manage 20,000 identities within the customer portals of the organisation’s two largest brands, Unique and Start People. USG People now has robust IAM solution in place for managing its interactions with its millions of users across Europe. In time it will gradually roll out the solution in Europe and brands.
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