PostNL a seamless customer experience and secure access

A customer-friendly platform with Single Sign-On capabilities
PostNL is the leading mail, parcel and e-commerce corporation in Benelux, with mail and parcel networks also in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. The company has developed numerous online customer services over the years, such as its parcel service,, and its mail services solution Until recently customers had to access each of its online services separately. As Jikkelien van Marle, PostNL’s Business Project Manager puts it, “It was much like entering a supermarket that required checking out in separate areas for meat, bread and vegetables. What we required was a customer-friendly system with Single Sign-On capabilities.”

Strong Identity management solution
PostNL required a solid identity management solution that could provide its customers with Single Sign-On access to all its online services. It was looking for a future proofed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that would fit the company’s enterprise wide cloud strategy, as well as one that required minimum customisation and would integrate smoothly with the organisation’s existing IT infrastructure.

To service millions of customers with low TCO
iWelcome’s IDaaS solution met with all the above criteria as well as the company’s security requirements and the appropriate European legislation. In addition it offers Post NL an attractive pricing model that allows the corporation to service millions of customers at reasonable rates. It could also be implemented quickly and with minimum disruption to customers. Supported by iWelcome’s IDaaS, PostNL now offers consumers a seamless customer experience with proper authentication and access management across it various channels – from phone calls to its call center, to post offices and online services.

100% Cloud strategy
Working in a highly volatile market requires PostNL to be extremely agile – scaling up its operations when volume increases and likewise, scaling down as required. That agility requires the corporation to have a highly flexible business model and IT infrastructure. As such, the corporation has adopted a 100% cloud strategy and it required a fully secured and fully compliant identity management platform to provide its employees with secure access to around 100 cloud applications.

Single Sign-On access also for employees
The majority of IAM solutions on the market could not meet PostNL’s demands for its new IAM platform. Its long list of requirements included Single Sign-On access for nearly 80.000 employees, fast implementation and guaranteed security. In addition the solution needed to provide comprehensive, bespoke functionality, be based on open standards and meet PostNL’s requirements in terms of price and availability. After extensive research, supported by Gartner, PostNL concluded that iWelcome IDaaS was the only European supplier that met all of its criteria as well as European regulations.

Short time-to-compliance
iWelcome’s IDaaS solution was implemented in incredible timescales – just under three months. It has provided PostNL with a flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution that effortlessly meets the needs of the postal organisation for more flexible IT facilities, with variable costs and short time-to-compliance. Together with Microsoft, SAP and Salesforce, iWelcome is now one of PostNL’s strategic IT partners.
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