Koninklijke Bibliotheek selects iWelcome as authentication service for the digital library

Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), the National Library of the Netherlands, brings people and information together. To that end, KB makes the Dutch library collection visible, sustainable and usable. The free access to these publicly owned and funded libraries enables people to build on the insights of others and inspires them for new ideas.

KB has a central position in the network of libraries, which is a primary source for research and helps people to become better skilled, smarter and more creative.

KB as National Library

For years now, KB has played a key role in the area of academic and scholarly information provisioning. With the implementation of the Public Library Provisions System Act (Wsob), effective as of January 1st 2015,  KB will also play the central role in the field of public libraries. It will now be able to fully live up to its title of ‘national library’.

A digital library for 17 million citizens

Creating a digital library, available for all citizens of the Netherlands is the first strategic priority for KB. Today 4 million people are already members of public libraries, a figure that is expected to grow above 9 million users of the digital library in the next few years.  The digital library will provide freely accessible and paid access to over 200 applications and databases with library, newspaper, research and scientific content.

iWelcome as generic authentication service

Being the hub in the library ecosystem, KB’s digital library requires a generic authentication service to provide authorized users personalized access to the broad range of services of KB and all affiliated public libraries and dataproviders.  KB selected iWelcome’s Identity as-a-service (IDaaS) platform as the basis for this generic authentication service

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