How open are you to a breach

There is a fast growing trend to encrypt network traffic by default. Some of this is directly as a result of the Snowden revelations, and the continued, regular news articles on what the NSA & GCHQ are monitoring, and performing analysis on, also increases awareness of encryption.

Encrypted traffic is now, more than ever, being used as a route to infect systems (via drive-by infection), and to manage / update advanced malware, and subsequently used as a means to exfiltrate confidential data, and intellectual property while remaining invisible to network administrators.

Because the content of encrypted network traffic is not visible, and therefore is not readable (by design) it becomes a blind spot on the corporate network which significantly increases the risk of a breach or falling foul of privacy and regulatory compliance. In fact many enterprises now see almost 40% of web traffic encrypted. Therefore it is becoming more and more essential that visibility into these blind-spots is gained, while allowing valid encrypted traffic to pass securely, and in a timely fashion.

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Guest Blog from axial