A good workman never blames his tools

By Sean Jackson, chief marketing officer, EXASOL

‘A good workman never blames his tools’, or so the old adage goes. However, given the opportunity, I’m sure many would happily improve their existing tools for the purpose of becoming more efficient at tasks, turning a good workman into a great one. While this saying conjures up images of carpenters or builders, it is also relevant to data professionals and their technology.

But how does a data professional know which tools are right for them? Firstly, you need to establish what you want to do with the data you have. The tools needed will vary drastically between businesses depending on whether the business model already focusses on data analytics or if a business is analysing data to improve its sales process or customer service. The tools needed will also depend on how much data you currently have, how much you expect to have in the future, and the speed at which you need to analyse data to maintain a competitive advantage.

So many options available

Finding the right tool can be overwhelming: SQL or NoSQL databases? Columnar or row-stores? Open source or proprietary? Cloud or on-premise? Reports or visualisations? BI and reporting tools?

The best way to find the tool that suit you is to shortlist a few and then try them out. Most vendors allow you to sign up for a free trial or community edition, and built-in connectors should allow them to hook together simply. The key thing to bear in mind is whether your chosen solution will scale. While it may work for your business now, will it work for your business in 6 months? And in five years? The data landscape is changing rapidly; you need to futureproof your business.

Turbo for Tableau

One tool that businesses find extremely useful is Tableau, which visualises your data, allowing people across the whole business to read the data with ease. However, if you are unable to interact with your data with ease due to a sub-standard database, then what is the point in having such a high-quality visualisation tool as it would not be used to its maximum efficiency?

So this got us thinking, and that’s why we ended up developing Tableau Turbo by EXASOL.

Faster visualisations than you can believe

The Tableau Turbo by EXASOL is a plug-and-play turbo database for Tableau visualizations. It sits alongside an organization’s existing database, data mart or data warehouse and acts as an acceleration layer, dramatically speeding up BI, reporting and data visualizations.

The new software-as-a-service solution is available in three different configurations, dependent on what size your data sets are and what you need to do. With 100GB, 500GB and 2TB options, Tableau Turbo by EXASOL supercharges Tableau, giving you the opportunity to analyse vast quantities of data in no time at all, and with these real-time analyses, you can focus on growing and improving your business instead of wasting time and resources waiting for super slow queries. Tableau Turbo is powered by EXASOL’s in-memory analytic database, so all it takes is a few simple clicks and drag-and-drop actions in Tableau and you can find the information you want and bring your data to life in real-time. Who knew visualisations could be made so easy?! It just goes to show that having the right set of tools can improve your data analysis dramatically.

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