Public sector cloud: Where to start

As a UK IT and cloud service provider, Redcentric has seen the public sector’s adoption of cloud take off in recent years, driven largely by civil servants requiring ‘on-demand’ IT services.

It’s an exciting time for local and central government as they move to more efficient IT models to improve processes such as procurement and data storage. But as we found when we surveyed 200 UK IT managers as part of our campaign to understand organisations’ journey to the cloud, much of the public sector is still in the early stages of cloud adoption and isn’t using it to aid innovation, which appears to indicate a need for the public sector to receive further cloud guidance.

There are countless providers to choose from and your cloud options are endless, so it can be difficult to know who to listen to or the best solution for you. Redcentric’s travel guide breaks the process down into manageable chunks and gives public sector IT managers direction to develop a cloud solution that meets their needs. Feelings of apprehension are natural for those rolling out the cloud, but this travel guide tells you how to mitigate common risks.

Every cloud journey is different, but there are some requirements that are standard to a best practice cloud rollout. Redcentric’s whitepaper outlines the five ‘must have’ factors for successful cloud development that can make public sector IT managers confident that they’re undergoing a safe and secure transition.

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