Have you seen…??

DasboardHow would you feel about playing or watching a game of cricket where the score was not clearly evident?  Perhaps you managed to keep the scores in your head – for a while. How long do you reckon it would it be before your frustration got the better of you? If we expect the status of games we watch and play to be clear, why do we sometimes accept less when it comes to the work we are tasked with doing?  As a public service provider, if you were asked how many of the service requests of a given category (currently being dealt with by your organization) are in danger of breaching the published Service Level Agreement (SLA), would you be able to provide this information with a minimum of effort and fuss? Perhaps not, you may answer. That’s where Visual Management comes into its own.
Visual Management is the practice of visually displaying to management and operatives whether the work they are responsible for, is being done is of the required quality, at the right cost and within the correct time frame (or otherwise). This provides valuable feedback which enables, and often motivating, operatives to take the necessary remedial action. As Dr. Thoralf Sundt reportedly said “If I can see it, I can fix it.”  The converse must also be true – it’s hard to fix what you can’t see.
It makes intuitive sense that visual management is best practice for every public service provider. However the following suggestions are also worth bearing in mind with regards to the visual display. It should be:

  • Non confusing
  • Relevant
  • Devoid of Information Overload
  • Up-to-date
  • Correct

Do you practice visual management in any form?
How do you do so? What information do you include in your display?
Did you know that, in addition to an electronic dashboard, Public Service Request provides innovative ways of visualizing your service requests? Want to find out more? Please contact Ian Lucas or Niyi Ogunbiyi for a demo.

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