Big Data Market Trends 2015

Big Data Analytics is poised for major growth next year. As we look ahead to 2016, it is important to recap the major market trends which have been observed in 2015.

According to a recently published report by Evans Data Corporation based on 444 in-depth interviews with developers:

  • The financial, manufacturing and retail industries have the highest percentage of programmers who are creating data and analytics applications today.
  • Sales and customer data, IT based data analytics, informatics and financial transactions are among the most common big data sets that developers are working with today.
  • The report goes on further to note that marketing departments have become the most common users of big data, followed by IT and Research & Development teams.
  • Survey respondents identified data quality, relevance, volume and visualisation as the four key areas in which big data developers face problems and challenges.
  • The provision of real-time anomality detection and high speed querying of security intelligence are identified as key areas vendors can assist developers with today.

To read a summary of findings from the Evans Data Corporation, please click here.

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