“Nothing is certain except for death and taxes”


“Nothing is certain except for death and taxes”. That famous quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin highlights the inevitability of change. So it is to be expected that the world in which public service providers operates will change.  For example, according to a recent report by the Joseph Rowntree foundation, changes to the funding regime has led to a 27% reduction in the spending power of the local government sector in England between 2010/11 and 2014/15. Other factors such as the demographics and needs of the consuming public, public officials who authorise the service (as well as their priorities) and economic landscape may change. This highlights the needs for public service providers to be flexible and adaptable if they are to remain relevant. They will have to balance the demands of ‘business as usual’ service delivery with innovation and experimentation.

One area where a number of public service providers are changing for the better is utilising technology to improve service delivery outcomes whilst reducing cost. Applications such as Public Service Request which enables the public to raise requests (which are seamlessly routed to the team responsible for delivery) as well as providing tools for the service provider to manage these requests through to completion, is one of the technological innovations that has been used to good effects by public service providers such as the Town of Pelham, Ontario, Canada.

To find out how Public Service Request can enable your organisation to do more with less, please contact Ian Lucas or Niyi Ogunbiyi to arrange a demo . Alternatively, please drop by our stand at the Public Service Enterprise ICT conference at the Hotel Russell on the 10th of Nov 2015.