The Coming Shift in Security

There have been more than 700 data breaches and 500 million+ across business and government sectors since December 15th 2014, security has been historically starved when it comes to company budget and now it seems that lack of funding may have eventually caught up with the industry. Security team budget growth is only slight compared to the innovations and nimbleness of today’s attackers, solutions purchased to defend against them may be outdated after just three to five years.



Join us at Government IT Security & Risk Management 2015 where we will be discussing the latest security trends in the public sector. The event, taking place at the Hotel Russell, London on 29th September will be a gathering of the top government minds, with presentations from council and services leading the way in technology and cyber defence. If you’re interested in joining us as a speaker, sponsor or delegate then you can contact us here.

Below David Pope of DVLA talks to us about security implications at GOVSEC 2014.