Smashing world records yet again in the TPC-H

This time we’ve tested up to 100TB and you won’t believe the results

In 2008 we smashed it. In 2009 we knocked everyone’s socks off. In 2011 we did it again and now we’re back, and we’re even faster.

The 2011 results put us head and shoulders above our competitors for speed, price/performance and scalability. EXASOL held the records for speed and price/performance at 100Gb, 300Gb, 1,000Gb, 3,000Gb and 10,000Gb. Yes, that’s everything up to 10TB. By publishing all these results at once and by running the tests on the same hardware, we demonstrated our unprecedented performance and scalability.

This year, we have been going through the process to set another world record. We’ve now raised the bar by going for 30,000GB and 100,000 GB. Let me say that again, we have tested up to 100TB and I promise you the results are unbelievable.

It’s not just about the beauty parade for us. We want to push ourselves to offer the best MPP database the world has ever seen. We’re pushing the boundaries of innovation, using intelligent in-memory to achieve speeds never clocked before, and with the ability to scale like no one else.

We’ve all heard the rhetoric that TPC-H doesn’t matter anymore. Well it’s no surprise others might want to encourage that line of thinking, but it’s simply untrue. It’s the only independent benchmark out there and our competitors are scared to take us on. For those unbelievers, the eye watering speeds we’ve announced on 100TB are backed up in the real world, by our customers.

And if you don’t believe the results, why not unleash the speed by testing it out? Pop by our stand at the Big Data Analytics Conference and get your test drive booked in.

Join EXASOL at our Big Data Analytics conference today (13/11/14) in London at the Hotel Russell.