Why speed does matter

I recently had a discussion with a journalist about whether speed mattered in databases. I found it confusing at the time. Surely, it’s a no-brainer: Good databases are fast databases and fast databases are good databases. The thing about using an analytic database is that some queries are inevitably time-critical for the business. We live in an instantaneous world now, where businesses and the people they serve demand immediate answers. Some of the queries a business runs, are therefore, time critical. If you can’t get the answer in time, the visitor will have left the website, the shopper will have left the store, the opportunity has left the building.

You see, unless you have speed, you need to use sample data or pre-aggregated data in summary tables or cubes. This has a massive overhead and means that only certain types of questions can be asked of the data. A fast database gives you the possibility of aggregating data “on the fly” and asking whatever questions you like without needing to get the data prepared beforehand.

Indeed, some questions are too difficult for a slow, chugging database. You hear stories of queries that run overnight or sometimes never finish and need to be “killed”. These are questions that companies need to ask of their data and they are not getting answers because their databases aren’t fast enough for the job.

You see, speed is crucial, along with factors such as ease of use and the ability to integrate other systems. With that said, we’re pleased we recently smashed the independently audited TPC-H Benchmarks to prove we’ve got what it takes.

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Graham Mossman, EXASOL, www.exasol.com


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