Oh that’s nice…

Ever opened a present, had that “Oh that’s nice” moment only to discover it becomes indispensible? That’s how I feel about One Note which comes with my FCO Services device.

I have access to all the traditional office tools (Excel, Word etc) and communications tools (Instant Messaging and Email) but One Note just sat there. And then I went on a voyage of discovery to find out what I could do with it.

One Note is like having multiple notebooks with you – each notebook representing a different series of meetings, projects etc. Open up a notebook and away you go. At a meeting last week it really brought it home to me how it could be used. We were at a meeting with another Government Department – as always notes were taken but this time were being handwritten (One Note can convert handwriting to text very well) on a tablet. A question was raised and my colleagues and I were able to address by drawing a diagram on One Note to explain the answer. At the end of the meeting the notes, including the diagram were emailed to all attendees.

Those notes were on my own laptop by the time I had left the meeting room.

Savings made? Yes TIME and TIME = MONEY. Greener? Most definitely, no paper or disposable pens used. More efficient? Most definitely – no duplication of effort and a speedy reminder sent to all of the meeting.

Why not arrange an appointment to experience One Note yourself. Visit us at Central Government Business & Technology 2014. Contact us on 01908 515789 to arrange your personal demonstration or visit www.fcoservices.gov.uk