Cloud Data Security: Is your company its own worst enemy?

Often in life people will make a decision that is detrimental to their situation. Sometimes it is best to take a step back and see the full picture, to prevent any further issues from occurring. This is certainly advice that could be given to a single individual, but what happens when you have over 100,000 people on the payroll?

Daily business is hustle and bustle and a mistake is likely to happen somewhere down the line. Companies must check paperwork, records, accounts and logins to scout for issues, every once in a while one of those small details is missed. It may seem small at the time, but it could be a time bomb that is ticking away every day, ultimately bringing your company down.



Join at Identity Management 2014 to discuss how they can help you to avoid these issues. The event takes place at the Hotel Russell, London on 12th November, feel free to get in touch with us about attending, speaking or sponsoring this event.

Below Wouter Debecker talks about the Belgian eGovernment Initiative, harnessing IAM/IDM.

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