Home in under a minute

Saved myself today. No standing on a train to Marylebone for me. At the time I normally get on the tube to Westminster I am enjoying a Pain au Chocolat and a coffee. Happy Days.

I am still working though. Running through the calendar I’ve booked out time for show preparation (getting new brochure content completed), a video call with a colleague to write an article, a review of a Strategy document with another colleague later on and finally home. Looking forward to the commute for a change to. This morning I got to my office at 8am – not even a minute from my kitchen and tonight I will do the reverse journey at 4.30pm ish. Saving three hours in commuting time!!

I’ll be connected all day to the office, and the video call is on my new device. I still have access to Excel, word, email and all my other tools, plus a couple of new tools. When I install the Collaborate tool I will be able to work online with colleagues, enabling us to review and edit documents together. That will save more time. All securely of course. And all without that three hour daily commute.

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