UK Government considers tackling cybercrime a top priority, says Karen Bradley MP

In an address this week on the issue of cybercrime, Karen Bradley MP, the Minister responsible for Serious and Organised Crime said that the UK faces an “enormous challenge” in protecting its businesses and citizens from cyber-attacks.

Bradley pointed out that with over 4 in 5 households with access to the internet and 3 in 4 adults using the internet every day, dependence on cyberspace is incremental to the growth of the UK’s information economy.

“In 2012, 33 million people in the UK went online every day. That is more than double the level six years before. More people use the internet, and new and easier ways to get online are being constantly developed,” said Bradley.

Outlining the Serious and Organised Crime strategy, Bradley pointed out that the government has a four-step plan to tackle the growing online threat – to pursue, prevent, protect and prepare.

Working in partnership to tackle cybercrime

Yet despite domestic measures in place to tackle cybercrime, Bradley notes that working in partnership with international partners will be key.

“…the UK cannot tackle cybercrime alone. Cybercrime is a global problem. Those committing the crimes are operating across international borders, making it incredibly difficult to bring them to justice. We need to work with our international partners in order to find a global solution.”

Within the UK, Bradley outlined the need for greater partnership between the public and private sectors. She noted that the private sector “holds a huge amount of information” that can help the government build a better threat picture.

She went on further to issue a call to UK businesses to collaborate with the public sector to build resilience: “We need your help. Companies need to share information with each other to help build protective security. We have developed a platform for you to do this.”

To read the full text of Karen Bradley MP’s speech, click here.

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