Whitehall Media’s 9th biannual Identity Management (IDM) conference, London

Chaired by Steve Gold from Netcomms, Whitehall Media’s 9th biannual Identity Management conference on 18 June 2014 attracted hundreds of delegates from across different sectors and featured speakers from BT, the Belgian government, financial services industry and researchers attached to academic institutes.

Next Generation Identity and Access Management

The morning session included numerous short talks, and a lively panel Q&A session which generated a discursive atmosphere in the main plenary hall.

In his write up of the event, Andy Smale summarises the morning as follows:

“Jitender Arora (@jee2uu) made a point about the different authorisation levels of access, focusing on privileged accounts using secure shell (“ssh” for *nix admins) keys to gain administrative rights to servers. This was a common theme in the session about recognising the risk of trusted accounts and ensuring at many levels that the risks are managed. Later, David Higgins spoke about using “real time privilege account intelligence to detect and respond to in-progress attacks” and showed some analysis that attacks on web sites peak between 2am-10am UK time, which should now be known as “hacker working time”.

“There was a question later whether these practices would detect an “Edward Snowden” type attack and the answer was quite possibly it would as even though a privileged account (e.g. “root” access essentially) has access to almost everything there should be normal monitoring in place to detect unusual patterns of time or amount of data accessed.”

Click here to read Andy’s summary of the entire conference.

IDM is a critical business resource

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a critical asset to large enterprise organisations. This year’s conference demonstrated the maturity of the subject area and showcased excellent case studies allowing delegates to learn from implementations of IAM within organisations like BT and financial institutions where hundreds of thousands of diverse identifiers have to be managed and monitored.

Delegates who attended have walked away with insight into how to strategically plan, govern and manage identities within large organisations. Join us again for our 10th biannual IDM conference, set to take place on 12 November 2014 at the Hotel Russell in central London. Click here to see the latest agenda.

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