Data Protection: Made Simple

There are plenty of innovations and trends in the modern computing world, sometimes we can get lost in between terminologies, buzz-words and new techs. But it does seem that we make things more difficult than they are. The trend I would like to simplify today, is Data Protection.

Data protection can be a game

Data protection is the process of copying folders, files or volume on a storage device for the sole purpose of recovery. If original data is damaged, lost, erased or destroyed then it can be returned from the back up.

The best way to describe ‘backup’ is through a sporting analogy, one which involves goals and a goalkeeper trained to intercept shots. It can be a game of soccer, lacrosse, hockey or even Quidditch, the magical Harry Potter universe sport. It doesn’t particularly matter, because the same concept is used – field players are involved in a strategy and the goalkeepers defend the net. The unsung hero is the GK. He protects the team from failure, doing a job that others cannot do.

In terms of backup, how does this relate? In goalkeeper fashion, solutions for data protection are at the forefront to protect businesses from failure. Remove the GK and you will inevitably lose, regardless of your field team. No matter how much data you create, or products that are perfectly developed, it you don’t have protection then your business can be compromised. One goal can cost your business, for instance server data loss, may lose you the game.

Benefit from having protection

Acronis customers are benefitting from our 10+ years’ experience of developing quality backup solutions. We learned the rules of the game an age ago and we have a fool-proof solution to offer. Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Advance Platform, one unified data backup and apps across virtual, physical and cloud – a combination of any to fit your diverse data protection requirements. Let your field players concentrate on your business development and not rely on them to defend the goal. Get your own reliable GK with us today.

Article submitted by Acronis.

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