Identity and Access Management (IAM) in 2014: What’s in store?

Identity Management is becoming a complex domain.

With the advent of cloud, mobile, social and personal networks, there are now a plethora of identities, platforms, services and technologies that have to be managed in the enterprise.

The connected enterprise has much to learn

Gigacom’s Salvatore D’Agostino writes:

“User accounts exploding in number and type require identity and access management providers to offer flexible solutions. Even with this flexibility, the enterprise will likely deploy multiple IAM solutions.

Multiple identity management solutions with multiple levels of identity assurance and attribute confidence mean that policy must adapt to the differences among identity types, and this will result in new and different procedures and workflows in order to manage users across these contexts.”

The proliferation of BYOD has in particular ruffled IAM deployment

Writing for, Darren Platt says:

“As a result of the proliferation of BYOD, a recent survey of enterprises managing a total of 4.5 million global identities uncovered that 42 percent of IT decision-makers at enterprise-sized businesses are significantly concerned about the security of applications — and the data stored within them — like SharePoint and Salesforce when they are accessed via mobile devices.

“Enterprises are left to figure out how to allow anywhere, anytime access to work, while still remaining in control of sensitive company information. Consequently, many are turning to identity and access management (IAM) solutions to help manage user access.

“Earlier this year I wrote a piece on the importance of these capabilities, especially following the NSA revelations made by Edward Snowden. The insider threat has become a new reality beyond the hacker threat. There is a real need for enterprises to be able to manage who has access to what, especially within the organization.

“While identity management solutions can be the answer, they are not all created equal. In the same survey mentioned above, enterprises were gauged on their IAM priorities and pain points including security, cost, complexity, scalability and compliance.”

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