I.T Security Will Remain Priority for CIOs and the Connected Enterprise in 2014

A new report by CSC titled “The CIO’s New Role: Core Strategy Enabler” published in December 2013 has found that I.T security remains a key concern for CIOs of large enterprise organisations.

Keeping the connected enterprise safe is at the top of most CIOs barometers, with nearly 75% of respondents of the CSC’s survey saying that more-effective I.T security and cyber security are top of their priority list for their 2014 I.T budgets.

IT Security is high on agendas across all sectors

The report states that:

“When asked to identify the I.T department’s main contributions, more than 60 percent cited “securing the business”, And when it comes to major challenges facing their I.T departments, nearly 80 percent cited the management of expanding I.T security, making it their top challenge”.

Seventy-eight percent of respondents cited I.T security as a major challenge for their I.T department, and security was cited as the third most costly item for I.T departments in 2013.

The report further states that Asian CIOs have a heightened concern for cyber security and cloud computing, and more generally, it observes that the CIOs role is increasingly becoming pivotal in organisations.

With more mobility in the workplace, I.T security can be stretched

The connected enterprise of the future has to enhance collaborative working methods, the report states. In particular:

“Mobility, cloud computing, customer intelligence, social media and the greater integration of information systems all require levels of collaboration between I.T and other departments that greatly exceed those of the past.”

This evolution beyond the confined of the I.T department is what is truly transformational, and futuristic.

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