Mobility is top priority for Enterprise

71% of business Enterprises believe mobility is a top priority according to a global survey, 63% believes mobility is the greatest factor for gaining competitor advantage.

Only 48% use mobile device management (MDM) 47% use mobile application management (MAM) so how much data is at risk?

Companies today, recognise the need to extend their mobile device for employees. More business is done on the move than ever before. 41% of companies are already using or planning to use application virtualisation and 40% leveraging desktop virtualisation.

51% of companies are actively changing their mobile device management (MDM) so allow management of devices anywhere. This could be catastrophic in device management isn’t addressed as the reality is your networks will be being accessed on a daily basis, hundreds of times by unidentified devices. This is mainly due to BYOD.

This survey demonstrated that enterprises are accepting a variety of platforms.

  • Android is at the top of the list 72% saying they already support or will support it by the end of the year.
  • Apple iOS is still popular, 54% saying they already support or are planning to support it.
  • Microsoft Windows 8 (46%) is now more popular than windows mobile (32%).
  • Blackberry still retains a significant presence, supported by 35% of businesses.

IT is what controls our lives. In and out of the work place. Yet they are becoming entwined, 29% of the global workforce use their own personal mobile devices for business purposes. This is seen mainly by employees who are in sales, CRM or database related. Other popular apps include employee intranet portals (46 percent), messaging applications (43 percent), social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (43 percent), and file sync and sharing platforms (41 percent).
As discussed in our Whitehall Media Events EM&MDM, IDM, BDA, Organisations have reported three main barriers prevent support for mobility initiatives.

  • Lack of security controls
  • Legacy systems unfit for mobile purposes.
  • Challenges around multiple mobile operation systems.

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