Are you exposing yourself to a leech?

As we have discussed on many blogs previously, security is vital when using Wi-Fi. Utilisation of Wi-Fi through various devices is rapidly growing. WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access 2) is a security technology that is most commonly used for wireless networks. They are locked access that requires a password.

Not all networks have this security, if you log on to a free network whilst out and about maybe having coffee, for example; I visited a garden centre the other day that provided a free network; I connected to it, but these networks are not secure, which basically meant all the data on my phone was insecure for that time I am logged in.

Also, do your business guests log in to a guest Wi-Fi that’s password free? And also, do you log into guest networks when you visit for a business meeting? If the answer is yes, you are not secure.

At our Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Device Management 2013 event on 9th October, our exhibitors provided the opportunity to share and discuss security products.

Cloudpath’s Xpress Connect Enrollment System (ES) provides a single point of entry for all devices entering your environment. This gives the network administrators the power to manage and control the self-service access to the WPA2 enterprise wireless network for authorised devices such as BOYD devices. Once a device is authorised it can be given access for a limited period of time or indefinitely.

cloudpath (1)

Excitor also introduced G/On which is a secure solution for access business applications from and trusted or untrusted PC or MAC either on their desktop, laptop or tablet. G/on delivers managed access to your corporate applications giving user the maximum flexibility, mobility and security to work from anywhere using and machine based in windows, Mac OS, Linux or iOS.


It is a simple fact that the easiest way for any potential cyber threat, is from an “open insecure network”, a cyber-threat will simply act like a leech and suck everything from your home network. Which could cause you serious problems with blatant malicious behaviour? Open networks create vulnerability and allow cyber criminals to probe and infiltrate into your files and data which you may assume is secure. They can upload things in your name e.g child pornography using your IP address, even send emails which could simply cause devastation to your business and personal identity. The message is clear understanding security and a little network monitoring could save your reputation and livelihood. To develop awareness come and attend one of our Whitehall Media Events, they are open to anyone in business who uses the Internet.

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