Enterprise mobility: think about the people

The launch of iOS 7 is a strong indication that big consumer companies are turning their attention to the enterprise, according to Sunstone Communication director Kenny Fraser.

“Apple have started to introduce some significant capabilities which are clearly aimed at the enterprise environment, rather than a pure customer environment”, said Fraser, a former partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers Communications Industry Consulting practice.

Addressing Whitehall Media’s inaugural Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Device Management (EM&MDM) conference at London’s Riverbank Park Plaza hotel, Fraser listed examples from iOS 7 such as the facility to do volume licensing applications, a number of new app management and security options, and significant improvements to mobile device management capabilities to support his claim.

“I am suggesting it is indicative of the trend that this stuff is going to accelerate”, he said. “Samsung has the Gate Program and the Knox Program, which cover some of the same ground for Android.”

Fraser suggested that the focus on strategies such as bring your own device (BYOD) and choose your own device (CYOD) misses the point.

“What employees are actually looking for is a great user experience. The world has changed for them: if we roll the clock back not that many years, the reality was the user experience – whether at home or at work – was pretty rubbish.”

Employees are now used to the idea that they get a great user experience from the devices they have at home, and they want to know why they cannot have that at work, Fraser continued:

“We’re not really talking here about BYOD, we’re talking about the consumerisation of IT, by which we actually mean the consumerisation of corporate IT. Think in those terms, and therefore when you think about the business benefits, start by thinking about the people, rather than the device or the apps or the data”.

Platinum sponsors at the conference included Airwatch, Aruba, BlackBerry and EE.

The next EM&MDM conference will take place at Hotel Russell, London on 19 March 2014. Visit www.whitehallmedia.co.uk/mdm for more details.