Do you think beyond your fingertip?

We would like to thank all our delegates and sponsors who attended the successful Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Device Management event (Twitter #em&mdm) event held on Wednesday 9th October.

Whilst there, I was left actually asking myself , how many people truly think beyond their fingertip when accessing out multitude of mobile devices, either our laptop, phone, iPad, tablet? …… do we think beyond the screen?

The speakers all brought lots of information and advice and questions to em&mdm which opened our minds, e.g. looking at the scale of security risks within our mobile devices, understanding the actual nature of the threats and discussed keeping safe when using Wi-Fi. There were many questions about the future and what will happen? Technology is progressing quicker than we can manage it.

Would you think about allowing your IT department to function without adequate security, we know the answer is unquestionably no, yet how many businesses or employees actually think about security on mobile devices.

All mobile devices e.g. phones, iPad etc. are just mini powerful computers, that can contain masses of data, and we all probably access work info on them, this can compromise the security of the company and the data, the message is clear- we need to manage this data and the devices. Cyber-criminal can piggy emails and jump behind your SMS messages into your phone and get direct access to all your personal info and company systems.

Have you ever miss-placed or lost your phone?

I’m sure we all have and some have a pin some don’t, if it gets in to the wrong hands is it truly secure?

em&mdm covered areas discussing:-

  •  Data loss
  • ID theft
  • Malware that steals info
  • Leakage of info via bogus Wi-Fi connections


David Emm from Kaspersky Lab (which is one of the worlds’ largest 4 vendors of security solutions) spoke in depth about malware, ID theft, how cyber criminals have the knowledge and know how to get access into all our mobile devices and data raising awareness of what is really possible.


Michael Reynolds from Aruba discussed solutions that work for the global environment and how to cohesively manage network access, network infrastructure and applications. He demonstrated MOVE, their software which enables IT to manage the flow of traffic on any wired, wireless and remote networks. He explained how they can support thousands of access points. Yet they can all be centrally managed providing state of the art security.

Interestingly Roy Tuvey’s presentation introduced MDO- Mobile Data Optimization –

Roy Turvey MDO

His message was clear; primarily we need to manage data not just devices. Roy was expressing how we need to have visibility into the black box that is our mobile data usage to look, monitor and understand how employees engage with the apps.

Videos from Whitehall Media TV from all our sponsors and speakers will be available soon on or through our website.

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